Democratic Party Endorses Diantha McKeel for Board of Supervisors

Diantha MckeelDiantha McKeel is the choice of the County Democratic Party for the Jack Jouett seat on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors.

Richard Brewer, chair of the Albemarle County Democratic Committee, made the announcement. “Diantha has done an incredible job on the School Board for the past 16 years and we believe she will continue to excel as a community leader on the Board of Supervisors,” he said Monday.

McKeel’s experience on the school board has proven her leadership ability and her commitment to the county’s schools and families. As supervisor, her commitment will extend to protecting the environment and encouraging sensible growth in the county.

“I am pleased to accept this endorsement from the Albemarle County Democratic Party,” said McKeel. “I see this as another affirmation of the good work I have done on the School Board over the last 16 years. I look forward to their help in my election to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.”

McKeel’s opponent for the Jack Jouett slot has been endorsed by the county Republican party. Both candidates for the slot are running as independents.

McKeel received her B.A. from Bridgewater College in Sociology and Early Childhood/Elementary Education.  Additionally, she earned a Licensed Practical Nurse degree from U.Va.

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