“The Daily Progress Endorses Ms. McKeel”

In its editorial of October 30, the Daily Progress supports Diantha McKeel’s candidacy in glowing terms:

“She possesses a remarkable breadth of knowledge about this community that will allow her to transition quickly into her role as supervisor.”

“As a 16-year veteran of the School Board, including stints as its chair, Ms. McKeel clearly understands education. But she also has at her fingertips details and data about a wide variety of issues, from highway infrastructure, to economic development, to public safety and policing.”

“She is a careful spender of public money. But she also believes that Albemarle must advance and progress. If

Diantha Mckeel

public services are to be improved, the county must generate more revenue to pay for those improvements through judicious economic development, she wisely says.”

“Balanced against her grasp of detail is a viewpoint that also sees the larger picture. She advocates fresh thinking, innovation and openness. This viewpoint is refreshing.”

“Ms. McKeel is a staunch opponent of the U.S. 29 Western Bypass, a stance with which we disagree. But this is outweighed by her many positives: experience, knowledge, energy and a gift for critical thinking. ”

See this link for the full Daily Progress editorial.

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