Remarks at the Democratic Caucus

Diantha 1

Good evening and thank you for this opportunity to talk with you about the future of our county and of our party.

For all of the years in which I have represented residents of the Jack Jouett District, first on the School Board and now on the Board of Supervisors, I have knocked on thousands of doors.

What I learned certainly helped me to win elections. More importantly, the connections I made with people from all walks of life helped me to represent their needs and hopes.

Those trips to doorsteps all across the district underscored an important value—that true representative democracy begins in the homes of the people it is designed to serve.

That’s what you and I have in common. We believe in a collaborative process, one that considers many points of view, all backgrounds and experiences. The Democratic Party stands for open doors.

Upon reflection, here’s what else we have in common:

A commitment to high quality public education;

The protection of civil and voting rights;

A belief that strength comes from diversity,

Preservation of our environment;

Fiscal responsibility and,

A recognition that government can be a CATALYST for OPPORTUNITY.

Accordingly this evening, I request your support of my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the Jack Jouett seat on the Board of Supervisors.

Over the past four years, here are a few accomplishments for the residents of our county:

  • We obtained $230 million in transportation improvements along the Rt 29 corridor, working with VDOT to complete the projects quickly and under budget.
  • We now have a Natural Resources Manager to help protect and manage our ecosystems and natural resources.
  • The Northside Library and a Regional Firearms Training Center were completed; both are examples of successful regional cooperation.
  • Albemarle County public schools are recognized among the top two percent in the country, according to 2016 national rankings.
  • The Board of Supervisors now has four memoranda of understanding with the City to enhance cooperative services in education, transportation, affordable housing and the environment.
  • We have formalized twice-annual meetings with the City to support regional work.
  • More than 25% of County land is now either in parkland or conservation easement.
  • We completed Ragged Mountain Dam, adding a billion gallons of stored water for County and City use, and,
  • We approved ordinances to protect the quality of life for residents living in urban neighborhoods.

Much remains to be done.


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