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Diantha Announces Her Reelection Campaign

It has been a privilege for me to represent the residents of the Jack Jouett District on the Board of Supervisors. Today I am asking them to honor me again with their vote to represent them for another term.

Four years ago I ran to improve the quality of life for all our residents. I believe we do that best when we all work together. It is this spirit of unity that most often results in progress, whether our focus is on education, the environment, transportation, regional partnerships, or the economy.

I am proud of the Quality of Life investments realized over my term:

  • We obtained and initiated $230 million in transportation improvements along the Rt 29 corridor.
  • The County hired a Natural Resources Manager to protect and manage our ecosystems and natural resources.
  • The County hired a Transportation Engineer to support our urbanizing community’s roads.
  • The Northside Library and a Regional Firearms Training Center were completed.
  • Albemarle County public schools are among the top five percent of school divisions in Virginia and the top two percent in the country, according to 2016 national rankings.
  • The County has signed four new memoranda of understanding with Charlottesville regarding education, transportation, affordable housing and the environment.   The purpose of these memoranda in each case is to enhance service to our citizens in the most efficient ways possible.
  • We have added to our parks and conserved land. More than 25% of the land in the County is either in parkland or conservation easement.
  • Ragged Mountain Dam was completed and is in operation, adding a billion gallons of stored water for County and City use.

If re-elected, my objectives will include:

  • Continued support of education including additional pre-K classes.
  • Expanding affordable housing, prioritizing our teachers and safety officers.
  • Land-use and transportation improvements to relieve congestion in the US 29/Hydraulic Road intersection.
  • Seeking sustainable, mutually beneficial public-private partnerships in a cost effective and resourceful manner to strengthen the County’s infrastructure.
  • Supporting and growing local businesses and 21st Century industry to create mid-level job opportunities.
  • Working to expand our commercial tax base to reduce the reliance upon property taxes in support of county services and infrastructure improvements.
  • Creating career pathways for citizens to expand needed local workforce skills.
  • Improved transit services to better connect citizens to job opportunities and affordable housing.
  • Full implementation of the neighborhood policing model to support the safety of our citizens.
  • Improvement of aging infrastructure in our older growth area neighborhoods.

Community leaders are facing governing challenges as never before. My governing principles are: a high quality public education system, protecting civil rights and voting rights, a belief in strength that comes from being a diverse community, protecting our environment, fiscal responsibility, and the role of government as a catalyst for opportunity.

These principals are essential to an exceptional quality of life in Albemarle County and to our future prosperity. They are more achievable with the support of an organization that is as dedicated to their implementation as I am.  Accordingly, I have decided this year to seek the nomination of the Albemarle County Democratic Party for the Jack Jouett seat on the Board of Supervisors.



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