I am committed to improving the Quality of Life for all the residents of Albemarle County. I am also committed to Albemarle County becoming a resilient community; one that can sustain future extreme weather conditions and energy and economic challenges.

If elected to another term, I pledge to support:

  • public education, including additional Pre-K classes to eliminate the current waiting list.
  • life-long learning opportunities for all citizens.
  • preservation of our rural areas, parks, scenic beauty and rural economy.
  • improvements to, and interconnectivity of, our walking trails, bicycle paths and park land.
  • expanding affordable housing, prioritizing our teachers and safety officers.
  • land-use and transportation improvements to relieve congestion in the US 29/Hydraulic Road intersection.
  • sustainable, mutually beneficial public-private partnerships in a cost effective and resourceful manner to strengthen the County’s infrastructure.
  • growing local businesses and 21st Century industry to create mid-level job opportunities.
  • working to expand our commercial tax base to reduce the reliance upon property taxes to support county services and infrastructure improvements.
  • creating career pathways for citizens to expand needed local workforce skills by partnering with local businesses, The Chamber of Commerce, PVCC, and CATEC.
  • improved transit services to better connect citizens to job opportunities and affordable housing.
  • full implementation of the neighborhood policing model to support the safety of our citizens.
  • improvement of aging infrastructure in our older growth area neighborhoods.
  • closing the digital divide for county residents.